Refund Policy

At Floss Cakery we want you to be completely satisfied with all products that you purchase from us. However there are restrictions we have in place regarding some refunds and cancellations. All cancellations are subject to the owner’s discretion.

Our products are made to order using quality ingredients, this gives them their scrumptious, home-baked flavour. Due to this, they are made individually and do not come off a production line. Our cakes are made exactly to order and may differ from photos found on this site. All our products may use or have come into contact with wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, soybean derivatives, tree nuts, peanuts and other allergens.

All bookings are subject to availability and require 14 days notice. Payment is required at confirmation of order on our Floss Cakes range and custom design cakes. At confirmation of your enquiry/order you will receive online banking details for you to make payment. Once payment has been received we can proceed with the order. 

Floss Cakery Ltd does not give refunds for cakes that are cancelled within 48 hours of the due date. The reason for this policy is because there are components that are to be made in advance and/or ingredients that are ordered ahead of time. As well as labour costs that have been expended in preparation of any order. Our kitchen calendar fills up quickly and is on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, if you cancel your order, it has taken up production time that could have otherwise been given to another customer, so we lose both orders.

Once the cake has been picked up, the customer accepts all responsibility for the transport of it to their location. We cannot give refunds if something happens during transport. We do advise that the cake is held on the lap of a trusting adult and is transported in an air-conditioned vehicle. This information can be found on our frequently asked questions page and we do our best to explain to every customer when they pick up their cake. It is the customer's responsibility to take extreme care of the cake when moving and transporting it. 

Once a cake has been picked up or delivered the customer or designated party will be asked to confirm colour, flavour, and design is as per their order. This checklist is considered accepting of the cake by the customer and is no longer the responsibility of Floss Cakery or its employees. If the said customer is unhappy with the three of above, we can re-frost the cake, however, this is subject to our discretion. Otherwise, we can offer a full refund on the basis that we retain the cake. We are unable to provide a refund on a cake that has already been consumed.

We can give refunds in accordance with refund policies stated above within 48 hours. All refunds are given as Floss Cakery credit. No cash refunds are given.

Thank you for your understanding of our refund and cancellation policies.