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Hello, I’m Lauren, i'm on a mission to show people how important they are and open up conversations around mental health.

My Nana, who taught me to bake gave me the nickname Floss and it has stuck with my family. 

Since I was very young I've struggled with anxiety. I know how good to feels to talk and let off what you are thinking and feeling to a loved one, friend, therapist or even my dog.

One day after having an anxiety attack my Dad and I cooked dinner together and while distracted with doing something with our hands we talked. We talked about stress and anxiety and by the end of it Dad suggested I see our doctor. I've been seeing a therapist ever since and I have that conversation to thank.

Through the 2020 lockdown i thought about how i could help people have that conversation with cake and Are You O'caKe? was born.

The Are You O'caKe? Mission: Bringing people together, spreading love and creativity with delicious sweet treats, while empowering people to open conversations around mental health, because you matter, ALWAYS.


Welcome to Floss.

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.Floss Cakery is a home-based licensed kitchen, located in St Heliers.

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