Your Midweek Pep Talk

Flosskit Are You O'caKe?

When I journaled this morning a mantra that came up for me was "I am capable of amazing things" another one that I love is "Things fall into place for me naturally" (I can't tell you how POWERFUL that one has been for me, Try it this week and report back?!).

So, also while journalling I felt called to give you a pep talk in this mornings blog (you and myself) so here goes...


Please remember how amazing you are today, like you are actually amazing!  I know you put yourself down (sometimes far too often) and you know you're being way too hard on yourself right?
Just STOP listen to what your body wants (I can guarantee its not mean comments or comparison or self loathing). Take a big breath IN all the way through your nose and OUT all the way through your mouth. Repeat.
Look how far you've come, you have achieved goals you never knew existed or that you ever thought were possible. You made it through a country, heck world wide lockdown for goodness sake.
YOU matter, you matter so much to me, and sooo many people, you matter to yourself. This world is SO much better with you in it. 
You are AWESOME, fucking awesome, kind, beautiful, talented and oh soo capable of everything you want to achieve this week.
The universe is ready and waiting to help you SHINE and to support you through whatever comes up today. Whatever this day throws at you, YOU can survive it because you've survived all the 100's of days before this one. And today day is the first day of the rest of your life.
So pick yourself up say "I love you" to yourself in the mirror (no mean comments please). And KICK SOME ASS like the self loving talented, oh so worthy human you are today, OKAY!?


Make a powerful impact for your loved ones TODAY, buy a Flosskit and go and talk to them about this kind stuff - do not delay! Because YOU MATTER, YOU ARE F**KING AWESOME AND WE ARE NOT ALONE!!

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