Find your THANG!

Find your thing, that thing or things that you know when its been a rough day you can come home and do something that makes you feel alive. You can leave the day behind and focus on something that really excites you.

I go through phases of having a thing, sometimes its going for a walk or journaling or painting and then things are going so well i think that i'm 'fixed' and i don't need to do them anymore. Then my mind gets taggled i take on too much of other peoples emotions, i get grumpy, agitated. All i want is fo rmy partner to fixed me or distract me from those frustrating and hard feelings because as we know from previous post i get so scared of feeling.

Once i eventually realise this is because i haven't been doing those 'things', also known as self care ritials, routines, whatever you would like to call it. So back onto doing those things i go. I get the biggest impact when i journal every morning before going anywhere, it sets my mind up for the day much better than scrolling social media does. I find this is because it puts my own thoughts and feelings into my brain rather than 20,000 of other peoples thoughts. Social media in the morning and before bed was once described to me like imagine all those people walking into your bedroom and talking all at once, that would be OVERWHELMING. SO don't do that haha!!

Lately ive also found writing these blog posts and learning the ukulele very valuable, its being creative and one is kinda work so i feel like i have acheived somehting for the day before ive even started work and the other is just super fun - if you watch my instargarm stories you'll know how terrible i still am but hey im doing it!

So, I encourage you to find your thing, or list of self care things that make you feel alive. Maybe some that you know you need there for days that are really tough and some you know you need to be doing everyday. These 'things' are like extracuricular activites that we used to do at school and then I feel like somewhere along the way we stopped doing them and work took over and sometimes that seems to be the only thing you do with you day.

Have a think and explore of what you could do everyday or twice a day to step out of your 'real life commitments' and into having some goddamn fun already!! Something that isn't scrolling Reels/ TikTok, or working or watching TV. As you can probably guess i'm a huge advocate for doing something creative like painting or learning something new or reading a book or even try journaling OR BAKING A CAKE (wink wink see below hehe).

Here's some cool ones that i liked found in a Kmart self care book (remember though, you have to love it, it has to be your thing not anyone elses, so keep exploring, I know am.)

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