Firstly, i don't know why all my blog titles sound like they're written by a wannabe rapper, maybe i'm just trying to be cool okay!!

Lets talk about checking in with your self (YOSELF, okay sorry) before you completely check OUT (Owwwt haha, stopping now.. peace out omg im stuck!)

What is 'Checking In'?

Checking in is about listening to your body and soul and seeing what it really needs rather than what your mind is telling you you 'need'.  When you are checking in and listening and doing what feels good you are living a life that is you, fun and what you want, on your terms, not your minds.

Sometimes the mind can play tricks on you, the psyche is very powerful and can convince you that what you need is to stay in bed when what your body/ soul might need is a dance party around the house or a big long walk or heck a bottle of wine or entire cake (wink wink)!


For me I like to put my hand on my chest take a breath and say "what do I need right now" and usually its the second or third thing (sometimes first) that comes to me, I do that. I never regret it because its aligned so always feels good. At first it might feel a bit weird because its complete opposite to what we learnt to do growing up and not hw society thinks we should life our lives. But wouldn't you absolutely love your life if you were doing it on your terms having the fun that you want and doing the things you want, I know I would! It does take a little while to get into it but when it clicks it's like 'oh fuck, yeah this is awesome!'


Like I said, It can be weird to do at first but the more you do it the more you will realise you are living your best life, on YOUR terms.  Doing things that feel aligned to your soul and body can help you have a great life and help you make decisions that feel right for YOU. You're suddenly doing what YOU want to do not what society, your family, boss, anyone else that is not you thinks you should do.

So, trust me here and try it today take a moment to make a couple of decision aligned with your soul not society and live your day on your terms!


Make a powerful impact for your loved ones TODAY, buy a flosskit and go and talk to them about this kind stuff - do not delay! Because YOU MATTER, YOU ARE F**KING AWESOME AND WE ARE NOT ALONE!!


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